Work With Me!

I mainly work 1:1 as I find that’s where I can go the deepest and create the greatest personal change. If you’re interested in a group or business training, fill in the form on the Get In Touch page and we can go from there.

Coaching calls happen over Zoom (this means a recording you can come back to whenever you want a refresh, no travel time AND comfy clothes are encouraged). I can coach and support you on a variety of topics. If you’re not sure, just ask. As a jumping off point, I have experience in leadership, business, building a healthy culture and community, and unpacking and transforming patterns of behaviour.

For past clients this has involved:

  • mindset healing around receiving support
  • setting self-honouring boundaries with whānau and self
  • looking at financial budgeting practices and examining how to balance this with enjoying life
  • creating a lot of self-love and care around dating practices
  • strategy session to map out a new business path
  • feeling more empowered and prepared heading into a difficult discussion about pay rates and work boundaries

And a lot more. Everyone has needed support with something different and the focus changes call to call depending on what is coming up most in the moment. For every client though, they’ve left with a genuine appreciation for themselves and more courage and energy to keep moving forward. If that’s something you would like too, please get in touch below.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me on social media, @PaigeHowNZ or via email at

If you’re ready to book a call, use my calendly link to find a time that works (or message/email for availability outside those times).

The first call is always free because it’ll take us time to get a feel for each other and I think it’s super important to help you get that sense of assurance and trust in what you’re purchasing. The price for ongoing sessions is $200 each or $800 for a pack of 5 (payment plans also available on request). You won’t be sold to on the coaching call, I’ll support you like I do all my clients and at the end you’ll go away and decide in your own time if you want more.