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About Paige

That 20 sec blurb on me

The playground where I spend most of my days! Christchurch, NZ. Best place to visit for beautiful gardens and resilient people 🤍

Love! My hubby, humans and that feeling of ocean waves rushing over your feet #bliss

Ain’t about it! Deadlines, diets and demanding people who give nothing back. Sorry not sorry 😉

My Story

I’m an optimistic woman of action who could talk about leadership and reaching your dreams ALL DAY LONG. For reals though… that’s why I started this business!

But I haven’t always been like this and maybe parts of my story are familiar…

I started out in the workforce eager to serve the world in companies that make a difference and work with an awesome team where we celebrate each other’s successes.

The dream, right?

I threw myself into work and discovered a real passion for helping others grow. Soon, I got promoted and thought this was the start of a beautiful career journey…

And I guess it was! Just not how I thought…

I quickly learnt that when you’re promoted you rarely get any extra training… You’re given extra tasks to do, people to look after and more difficult situations to manage, but no guidance on how to get the job done…


Worse! The person you now report to hasn’t had much extra training themselves (or if they have, nothing that really fits with today’s workplace) so when you ask for help, you don’t get the answer or support you need…

Any of this sounding familiar?


You start to question whether the extra money is worth your unhappiness. From here, there’s usually three pathways:

1. Look for another job with no guarantees you won’t run into the same problem in the next place

2. Step back to a position with less responsibilities but each day know you want to be doing more

3. Grin and bear it. You show up each day a little more strained and a little more miserable but don’t have the energy to look for another job or hope that things can be better.

Phew, that’s a sad picture, right? I KNOW it’s sad because I’ve tried all three of these pathways and none of them lead me to a happy ending….

Stick with me. I promise it gets better….

Let’s fast forward the painful bits (promotions, step backs, lateral moves, ALL the personal development…) and take you to today!

These days I’m a confident leader that has fun getting the most out of the people around me and consistently receives great feedback.

It’s refreshing and inspiring to work with someone who sees new tasks and challenges not as inconveniences, but opportunities. Her positive can do attitude is infectious.

– Jess

It wasn’t an easy road to get here. It took a lot of time and effort and WAY TOO MUCH frustration over the years.

And I think we both know there’s a better way.

Introducing pathway number four! It’s this REVOLUTIONARY idea called “Leadership training”!

*cue the applause*

Okay, so it’s NOT revolutionary but it IS stupidly difficult to get a hold of!

Especially GREAT leadership training tailored to YOU and YOUR world.

It took me long years to figure out what it takes to be a successful female leader in today’s world.

That’s my journey, what’s yours going to be?

I’ve put together everything I learned and developed a framework that gives you everything you need to confidently Lead Like You.

What gets me up in the morning (besides that caffeine shot) is a drive to help women who aren’t supported become better leaders. Because if I’m honest it really pisses me off to see amazing, caring women burning out because they don’t get the right support.

I believe every woman deserves to grow their career in a way that doesn’t sacrifice happiness and mental well-being (also not a revolutionary idea)!

If you’re sitting there saying, “I don’t have time to look after me, there’s too many other people I need to help…” 

I hear you. I WAS you.

Please, believe me when I say that working on this is one of the most selfless things you can do. I promise, when you become a better leader, everyone around you benefits too. 

Not convinced?

Have you ever come home feeling overworked, overwhelmed and snapped at your partner?

Do you feel like you don’t have the energy to show up as you should in your life and for your loved ones? 

Can you honestly say that’s the best way to live?

We know it’s not.


If you’re a woman who feels overwhelmed day in day out but has no idea how to make it better…

If you know you could be a better leader for the people around you (work and otherwise) but you’re too stressed to show up how you want….

If you Care AND Want to Learn…

Then let me show you a better way. Not every workplace is going to have resources and mentors to help you get to where you want to go. But that shouldn’t stop you. There are only so many life changing mentors out there and it’s not fair that you don’t have access because you’ve signed yourself up to a company that doesn’t have that. 

What’s on offer? 

My story isn’t ‘special’, I see women being promoted and not being led through how to manage that change ALL THE FRICKIN TIME

The awful thing is, most of those women burn out and give up.
And I’m not okay with that.

Yes, women are now ‘allowed’ in the workplace, but are we encouraged to lead and thrive? I don’t think so. And I think we should be.

If you’ve got to the bottom of this, Thank you so much for taking the time to read through my journey! I hope you find something useful in it (or any of the free resources available here).